Netgear EX6100 Setup: Extending Your Wi-Fi Range Like a Pro

Netgear is a name that represents high quality and efficiency. It is better than most of the wireless Wi-Fi brands in the US region. You can rely on it for your work, gaming experience, and all types of entertainment purposes. This is a very celebrated brand that promises and delivers the best network connection. They understand that the internet is the only base for your work and progress so they provide all the speed and stability for your internet connection. A slow network connection is equivalent to no internet connection because being slow is not something that you can afford in this full-of-competition era.

Configuration Of Netgear EX6100

The name Netgear is counted among the most celebrated brands of the US region when it comes to network connection. But like all brands, Netgear also has a set of steps to follow to set up the device. This is a very simple but crucial process. You need to correctly set up the device to get efficient speed and stability.

Various Methods To Log In

Netgear provides two methods to login into your default account. This step is as easy as logging into any social media account. You are required to keep the login credentials before. You can find them on the label at the bottom of your Netgear device. In case, you do not find it there then you can visit the website of Netgear and get your login credentials.

  • Website – The first and basic method to log into your account is visiting the official website of Netgear. Go to your default browser and enter the web or IP address of Netgear. Click on Login and fill in all the information required. Now click on the login button and wait for a few seconds. You will be logged in successfully after this.
  • Mobile App – If you are someone who prefers handling their work from a mobile phone then this method is for you. You can download the Netgear app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Click on Login and enter your credentials.

Final Step: Setting Up The Device

Setting up the device is a very crucial step and demands your undivided attention. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind before beginning the process. The placement of the device and internet connection plays a vital role in the performance of your device. Place your device in the center of your place and remove all the electromagnetic devices. The walls also interrupt the connection so keep your device away from walls and big objects. You can begin with the procedure after taking care of these things.

  • Connect your host device with your Netgear device.
  • Go to the Network settings in your device and click on scan.
  • Wait for the device name to appear and click on it once it does.
  • Restart your device and it will be connected automatically this time.
  • Check the speed and stability of the connection.

Although the procedure is not very difficult you can face some issues being a newbie. But there is nothing to worry about. You can reach out to our Support Team and they will resolve your issue in no time.