Unlocking Peak Performance: Netgear EX3700 Setup Tutorial

Confused about your extender’s setup instructions and their implementation?

You couldn’t be in the right place than this. There is no other landing page that can clear your doubts about the Netgear EX3700 setup. No matter if you are tech-savvy or totally new to wireless wifi extenders. You will be able to set up and troubleshoot most issues after completing this blog. Let’s get straight to the point without wasting any time. Grab your extender, laptop, and coffee, and get ready to transform your average internet connection with a skyrocketing speed.

Contextual Settings

  • Unbox the extender package and gather all the items.
  • Note down your SSID and password from the label.
  • Keep the user manual guide by your side. You will not need it though after reading this blog.
  • Check your internet connection if it is stable enough to support the whole Netgear EX3700 setup.
  • Choose an appropriate place for your extender.

Arrange Internet Supply For The Extender

  • Wireless Connection – Access the wifi network setting on your laptop. Click on the network name you want to extend. Extend it by selecting the extender name from the list and filling in the noted password.
  • Wired Connection – Take the ethernet cable you found in the extender box. Use it to connect your router and the extender.
  • WPS Connection – Press the WPS button on your router and then on your extender within two minutes. The WPS light will stop blinking once the connection is successful.

Access The Web Interface Of Netgear

The heading seems like you have to perform some complicated steps. But the reality is the opposite. This step includes filling in your SSID and password into the login interface just like you do in your social media accounts. The role of this step is to provide you access to a unique account of Netgear. By doing this, you can customize your extender’s settings anytime, know about the updates and launch of new products, and even ask for help. So, stop overthinking and grab your noted login credentials.

  • Download the Netgear app on your smartphone.
  • Choose your extender model from the list.
  • Make an account by entering your name and password.
  • You will see the Login option. Click on it.
  • Now, enter the SSID and password into the login interface.
  • Type all the letters accurately to prevent the hassle.
  • The login will be successful in a few seconds.

Alternative method: You can perform the log in via a web browser. Just enter in the address bar and enter your login credentials.

Personalize The General Settings

  • Click on the Settings button on the Setup page.
  • Change the SSID and password to secure your network.
  • Set the number of devices that can connect to your network.
  • Manage Parental Control and Guest Mode features.
  • Set up Port Forwarding for protected traffic management.
  • Check Firmware updates and keep the updates on automatic mode so you do not have to check from time to time for pending updates.
  • Click on Done to save the changes.

Note: You can customize the settings at any time and make the changes you want. So, there is nothing to fret about if you have missed one or more options.

Just One More Minute And You Are Done

  • Go to the wifi settings of your device.
  • Connect to your existing router by entering the previous password.
  • Unplug the extender and place it near the dead wifi zone of your house.
  • Feel free to try new placement spots unless you get the best signals.
  • Try to shorten the distance between the router and the extender if the connection breaks.

And, the Netgear EX3700 setup is done with these last steps. Enjoy the seamless and reliable internet connection for working, streaming games, entertainment, and much more.

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